Quartier Latin

Introduction to the scenic spot:

Latin quarter (Quartier Latin) is one of the most active cultural area in Montreal, Latin quarter collection of artistic, intellectual style and the French element into an organic whole, at the same time together almost ten cinema, Canada state film bureau and other whether it is in, Japanese cuisine, or Italy and French cuisine, restaurants or Arab and South America, All can be found here. This neighborhood is also a favorite nightlife area for young people. When night falls, come here to feel the moonlight like a local. With a cocktail and free music, you can swing or breathe your heart out and feel the charming time of Montreal.

Distribution of scenic spots:

The Latin Quarter is located on Rue Sherbrooke Street, just north of Old Montreal. In addition to bookstores, cafes, cinemas and designer shops, the neighborhood also has a great selection of food from all over the world. In the evening, the famous bar Street Saint-Denis Street is in the heart of the Latin Quarter. Every summer during the Montreal Funny Festival, St. Denis Street is turned into a pedestrian street where people can enjoy fun street performances while shopping.

Features of the scenic spot:

Culture and arts, food, entertainment, neighborhoods

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